Cardiac Rehabilitation is a program of health education, exercise training and counseling to help patients build a heart-healthy lifestyle. Our team of professionals includes our medical director, registered nurses, diabetic educators and dietitians. Patients and their families will learn to identify cardiovascular risk factors, and how to modify their lifestyles to reduce factors that lead to heart disease. Each exercise program is individualized as indicated by our patients’ medical history, medications, functional capacity and personal goals.

The Benefits of Cardiac Rehab
Improve blood circulation and increase lung capacity
Manage cholesterol levels
Reduce the risk of heart disease
More energy to get more done
Manage or lose weight/look better
Sleep better and require less sleepManage blood pressure
Keep bones strong
Feel stronger, with increased muscle strength, endurance and tone
Reduce health risks associated with diabetes
Manage stress, reduce anxiety and relieve tension
Boost self confidence and self-esteem
Feel better in general
Live longer 

Services Offered
Monitored Exercise Therapy
Ongoing Maintenance Program
Spouse Wellness Program
Education Classes in nutrition, diabetes and behavioral health

For More Information
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