For the cancer patient, St. Mary’s knows what it takes to become whole again. That’s why we provide all the services patients and their families need right here in our comprehensive community Cancer Center.
For the best in heart care, you’ve found it here. National rankings put St. Mary’s in the top 10 percent of U.S. hospitals in providing quality care for heart patients.
St. Mary’s has the second-busiest emergency department between St. Louis and Kansas City for a reason. People ask for us.
St. Mary’s newly renovated unit dedicated to orthopedic and spine surgery is the optimal healing environment for patients following joint replacement and spine procedures – and, it has all private rooms.
Welcome to St. Mary’s Surgery Department, central Missouri’s most-preferred hospital for major surgery and outpatient surgery. More than 6,400 surgeries were performed at St. Mary’s last year, with a commitment to quality that places St. Mary’s in the top 10% of hospitals nationwide.
At St. Mary’s Health Center, we believe that birth is one of the most important and intimate processes of life.  We know that when a baby is on the way, you and your family are filled with expectations.

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